Season 49 Champions

The Red Army defeated the Punjab Penguins to win the EIHL Cup.  They are now 2-time champions.

Congratulations to the Red Army on a very dominant season and playoff performance.  Congrats and thanks to all the EIHL player this season.

We will see you for Season 50.

Season 49 – Coming Soon

We will be making some announcements about Season 49 soon.

Stay tuned to the message board and this site.

Next Steps include

  1. Setting Draft Date
  2. Finalizing Draft List
  3. Schedule – Likely starting mid-late September
  4. Looking at Season 50 and preparations for this big season.

Season 48 Champions – Red Army

Congrats to Season 48 winners the Red Army

The Red Army defeated the Bombers two game to none to sweep their way to their first EIHL Championship.

By all accounts they dominated both games and were deserved victors.  Stay tuned as we get ready to “blast off” to Season 49.

Season Starts This Sunday

We kick off our 25th year this Sunday.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

The schedule and rosters have been updated.  Players please arrive on time and be ready to go.
League fees are $20 this season and must be paid before playing. There is a one week grace period for this.

Also, those players that have outstanding balances from previous years will be advised.

Remember to wear your team colors.

I will try to update the site, old pages over the next 2 weeks.

Season 48 – coming soon


The EIHL since 1992

A few items for you all to read.

  • First of all – the EIHL season – Season 48 will start in late March or early April. More details to come soon, but it will be a 7-8 game season and we will have 4 teams.
  • The season may seep into early July – but too early to tell. Will aim to end it in June.
  • Please review the attached draft list – if players you know want to play or can’t play please advise us as soon as you can. We want to make this a comprehensive list that is accurate.  You can contact me or leave a message on the message board.  This list will be finalized by the end of February.  Also indicate if you are a part-time player.  Those who are too part-time may be removed.
  • Entry fee will be $10 flat for all players – $20 dollars for captains and those picked in the first 2 rounds. Goalies will be free.
  • Key Dates to consider
    • EIHL Draft list to be finalized by March 5th
    • EIHL Banquet to occur – mid-late March @ Royal India
    • EIHL Season to start March 26th or April 3rd
  • The EIHL banquet – date has not been confirmed – but will occur in early March – Current dates being considered – March 10, 11, 17, 18 or 24, 25. I will post a poll in the coming days once I confirm a few things.
  • It will be held at our same location and we will try to stick close to the same price – $45 dollars for drinkers and $25 for non-drinkers. We will also hold a 50/50 draw this year.
  • Additional improvements will be made to the new EIHL courts – Harpreet has secured benches for the league and in addition he has secured storage (yes we will not have to lug nets around), they are also considering installing a water fountain for us. Great work again.
  • If the EIHL players have feedback on rule changes or other things we should do please let us know and we can try to incorporate. The time is now to speak up.
  • Potential Game dates currently are noted below. These are subject to change and I will be adding a Friday to ensure that we have an 8 game season. There may also be a double header weekend if required.   If there are dates that do not work due to major attendance by EIHL members (wedding etc.) please let me know ASAP.  I will not change it for other hockey games.
    • March 26th – Potential Opening Day
    • April 2 – Potential Opening day
    • April 9 – regular season
    • April 16 – off week (long weekend)
    • April 23 – regular season
    • April 30 – regular season
    • May 7 – regular season
    • May 14 – regular season
    • May 21 – off week (long weekend)
    • May 28- regular season
    • June 4 – playoffs – semi-finals
    • June 11thoff week
    • June 18 – playoffs – finals

Congrats to Season 47 Cup Winners – The Punjab Penguins

Finally, the EIHL has returned.  In a great return to EIHL hockey we saw the Punjab Penguins sweep the Leafs in a great final (2 games to none)  The first game ended quickly 9-1 and the second game was won by the Penguins 5-2. Hard fought games and season by all.  We some some youngsters make some huge impacts across the board and the game will be theirs within a season or two.

Congrats Season 47 Champs

This season was highlighted by the brand new ball hockey facility built by the City.  This could not have been done without direct pressure from the players and broad EIHL community – but also under the careful and determined leadership of Mr.Poon.  Thank you for seeing this through the end.  After years of playing, moving and not having a permanent home now we have one. The season proved that the hockey could get much better and with this facility we saw the rise of the skilled players during some great games.

Yes the EIHL is back and will be operating in the spring of 2017.  Stay tuned to banquet announcements and more information in the coming months.  The rumour now is that the banquet will occur in early March   and season starting shortly thereafter. The aim is to have 4 teams in the coming season.

The new courts relaunch

Due to technical difficulties we had to relaunch the site.

Most of the previous content will be available shortly.  If you notice any broken links please let us know and we will fix them.

Hope you enjoy the new look.